API Documentation
The Infogram API platform connects your website or application with the infographics.

PUT infographics/:id

Updates an infographic

Resource URL



Name Type Required Description
content String no New contents of the infographic to be updated
publish Boolean no Changes whether to publish the infographic or not
publish_mode String, “public” or “private” no If publish is specified, allows publishing infographic either as “private” or “public”
password String no If publish_mode is "private", sets access password for the infographic
title String no New title of the infographic
width Number no Specify width, in pixels, for the infographic
copyright String no Specify copyright text for the infographic


A successful response contains HTTP status 200 “OK” with empty response body


  • Previously set password can be reset by passing the password argument as an empty string

Example request

curl -XPUT http://infogr.am/service/v1/infographics/a5082cbd-9f41-4de4-9353-3453c0930532 -D- -d 'api_key=nMECGhmHe9&api_sig=Zuty74K00nLgo6IAwFe0y91gY2k%3D&title=Hello%20infogr.am'

Example response (headers)

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 0